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The Best Dating Apps Of 2015

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Steam Greenlight :: Blood For The Blood God: A Dating Sim

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A Dating Sim

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Dating Sim

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Here are the new zarry fics! - Kaylee

Untitied (The Need for sPEEd)  - Simple5SOS_xo (Harry/Zayn)

One Direction is currently residing in a loft. After a night of alcoholic beverages, acoustic set-lists, and girls, several members of the band wake up with hangovers and a desperate need to pee. (top!harry, bottom!zayn, watersports)

you & me burning matches - el_em_en_oh_pee (Harry/Zayn)

Harry might be risking his livelihood the tiniest bit, given how he and his work partner, Taylor, co-own a fraudulent wedding cake bakery that gets all their batter from a box. On top of that, his best-friend-slash-ex-boyfriend has the hots for his second-best-friend-slash-ex-girlfriend-slash-work-partner. It is, as people say, complicated.

But that all quickly becomes the least of Harry’s concerns when Zayn Malik - the one who got away - walks back into his life. (12k, blowjob, frottage)

Fool for you (and the things you do) - acquiesecence (Harry/Zayn)

“I feel like we’re breaking up soon. Can’t even stand to sleep next to each other anymore. Christ.” Harry hisses, breaking the silence between them.

Or the one in which Niall signs Zayn and Harry up for couple’s counselling, saying it’s the most rational thing to do with their current condition. (top!zayn, bottom!harry, feminization, rimming)

Until We’re Rocking ‘Round The Christmas Tree - Yendroid (Harry/Zayn)

“Baby,” he hears the familiar sound of Harry’s deep and slightly hoarse morning voice, making a warm shiver float up Zayn’s spine. The noise makes him sink even further into the sheets than he already is, the impossibly low timbre filling him with content, and he rubs the side of his face against his pillow like a cat. Harry chuckles again, and Zayn feels his soft lips against his bared cheek, Harry’s touch lingering with every kiss. “It’s time to get up,” Harry whispers gently into Zayn’s warm skin, more than aware of how sensitive to noise his boyfriend is at this time of day. Zayn whines again, but, slowly but surely, he opens his eyes.

“Hello, gorgeous.” (handjob) 

the world has its shine - leighbot (Harry/Zayn)

The random days in the life of Zayn, Harry and their children. (58k, top!harry, bottom!zayn, alpha!harry, omega!zayn, bonding, heat, mpreg)

Burning through the night - anonymous (Harry/Zayn)

He can see Harry where he’s stood in the bathroom, working his way through his nightly moisturizing routine. It’s adorable, Zayn always tells him, and he smiles to himself while he watches Harry squirt lotion into his hand. Harry pulls back from the mirror to look into the room.

“What’s up?” Harry asks.

“Your rut’s coming soon, isn’t it?”

Harry frowns and furrows his brow, clearly giving it a thought. “Yeah, shit.”

“It’s the night of the party, isn’t it?”

Or, the one where Zayn helps Harry contain his rut. At the company Christmas party. (top!harry, bottom!zayn, alpha!harry, omega!zayn, nipple clamps, rutting, daddy kink)

Here are the new gryles fics! - Kaylee

Let’s Hurt Tonight -heartandmindxx (Harry/Nick)

Harry finds himself on Nick’s doorstep after his magazine cover launch party. (top!nick, bottom!harry, angst)

Let’s just see how we go - becka (Harry/Nick)

Nick is a prostitute with a high-end client list, and he can think of any number of ways aspiring popstar Harry could have gotten his number, dozens of people from any major label who could have handed him a card and said, “If you want to experiment, be discreet.” (16k, top!nick, bottom!harry, blowjob, friends to lovers, prostitution!au)

Higher and Higher -ImaginationRobber (Harry/Nick)

It was New Year’s Eve, and Harry wanted to be fucked, but Nick took his time, drawing it out all evening until Harry was an absolute wreck. (top!nick, bottom!harry, riding, needy!harry, nippleplay, fingering, masturbation, blowjob, teas ing)

Semi-Mental -SeraphStarshine (Harry/Nick)

Harry just wants to be fucked - now, not at home, not in the car which they’ve also done before, but right this second. (top!nick, bottom!harry, public!sex, blowjob, fingering, rimming)

Treading Water -SeraphStarshine (Harry/Nick)

In which Nic k is still in love with Harry two years after they’ve split and he’s sort of okay with that until Harry makes a random reappearance in his life and turns everything Nick thought he knew on its head. (13k, top!nick, bottom!harry, handjob, blowjob, pining)

Here are the new tomlinshaw fics! - Kaylee

In and Under Neon Lights - dickviolin (Louis/Nick, Louis/OMC)

Louis is a closeted leafleter on his gap year, with no idea what he’s going to do with his life. Nick is the glamorous owner of Liquid, the hottest new club in Ibiza. This won’t go well.

Or, Louis does the season and Nick does Louis. (43k, top!nick, bottom!louis, blowjob, fingering, drug!use, bondage)

the night before - camiii (Louis/Nick)

The night before Christmas, Louis and Nick celebrate Louis’ birthday just the two of them. (top!nick, bottom!louis, blowjob, fingering)

Drive It Like You Stole It - justyrae (Louis/Nick)

He doesn’t know, a tiny voice in Louis’ mind reminds him. You can’t blame him for not knowing when you never told him. (11k, top!nick, bottom!louis, handjob, blowjob, frottage, enemies to lovers, small dick kink)

Loudest Thing in my Head - YesIsAWorld (Louis/Nick)

Everything is great between Louis and Nick. It really is. Except for the sex. Louis needs something that he’s not sure Nick is going to be able to give him. (11k, top!nick, bottom!louis, blowjob, facefucking, dirty!talk)

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Here are the new zouis fics! - Kaylee

We Were Good (Almost Perfect) - KrisStylinson (Louis/Zayn)

He thought when Zayn said he loved him, that meant he would stay because it just doesn’t make sense to tell Louis that he loves him and then leave him. He thought it meant that Zayn was happy in the band again, enough that he’d at least try to stick around until their break in less than a week. He didn’t consider that he’d still fucking leave.

Zayn doesn’t want to leave on a bad note. A hurt Louis still tries to cut him off completely, but then a baby factors in and changes everything for the better. (40k, top!zayn, bottom!louis, mpreg, angst)

the point of no return -  Octoberrose11 (Louis/Zayn)

Some nights things still get to be too much for Louis, they get to be still too real and things are brought up, things that he thought he had completely forgotten. It doesn’t matter that it’s been almost five years since the Tomlinson mob had ended, or that One Direction is on it’s second hiatus.

If Louis was the type to go seek medical help for anything other then gun shot wounds, if he honestly thought a therapist would keep the confidentiality agreement when he’d admit to the things he has done, the things he has seen, the things he has taken part of…. Well. Zayn thinks they’d probably diagnose him with PTSD. And to be fair, Zayn’s probably not wrong. But he can’t go get medical help, or psychological help, so he does his best to do it alone. (top!louis, bottom!zayn, topping from the bottom, fuck machine, bdsm, cock ring)

Here are the new lilo fics! Sorry if you got confused by the new ordering! - Kaylee

Did I show you love? - wearetheluckyones (Liam/Louis)

Louis and Liam are fifteen and fourteen, respectively, when they fall in love. (drabble, blowjob, fingering)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - foolforziam93 (Liam/Louis)

liam wears knickers for louis since it’s his birthday (top!louis, bottom!liam, panties)

There are no new niam fics! Here are the new nouis fics! - Kaylee

Unwrap Me, Baby, I’m Under Your Mercy - RENielsen (Louis/Niall)

“Put a bow on your head and let him unwrap you then,” Harry says, wriggling his eyebrows at Niall.

“Shut up!” Niall squeals, but then he gives it a second thought. “Wait that’s actually a good idea.”

“No, Niall, I didn’t actually…” (top!louis, bottom!niall, rimming, riding, blowjob)

to the end of the night - outwardbound93 (Louis/Niall)

“Why were you going to kiss me?” Louis asks, instead. It feels very important to get an answer to this. Louis thinks it might affect things quite a bit. There’s so much he wants to talk to Niall about, too, like how he’s thinking of seeing a counselor and isn’t that wild and how much older Louis’s family is and how everywhere Louis went back in Donny there were posters of Niall’s stupid handsome face, and Louis was so proud of him. His heart feels like it’s lodged in his throat. He waits for Niall to say something. (41k, blowjob, angst, slowburn)

There’s only one new ziall fic! - Kaylee 

Tell Me - ziallnarry1d (Niall/Zayn)

“Z, please tell me,” Niall pleads, following Zayn and grabbing his hands.

“Are you gay?” Zayn didn’t mean to blurt it out, but sometimes he speaks before he thinks. (19k, top!niall, bottom!zayn, blowjob, abuse, incest)

I’m switching back to narry to start with so here are the new fics for Dec/Jan! - Kaylee

in your skin - akirda (Harry/Niall)

In other words, Niall is basically me in this story and he wishes for a change which ends in swapping his body with Harry who has a wish of his own. (top!harry, bottom!niall, body!swap)

holiday - narryblossom (Harry/Niall)

Harry almost felt bad letting his mum think he had gotten sick while in the sea, but he knew he would have felt worse if he had gone out and accidentally ran into his ex and all of his friends.

He runs into his ex anyway. (frottage)

We’ll be the one thing In this world that won’t hurt - soft (Harry/Niall)

If you think that the realtionship between a son of Aphrodite and a son of Apollo is all soft and squishy then you are absolutely right. Even though Niall is not quite sure what he did to be so lucky. But they both deserve a little bit of happiness and work their way up to those magical words. You know which words. Because everyone wants to hear them. Niall too. (top!niall, bottom!harry, handjob)

Star - NarryMusings (Harry/Niall)

Harry buys Niall a star. (top!niall, bottom!harry, rimming, public!sex)

You’re Young and You’re Dumb - hayfevered (Harry/Niall)

Niall spends all day and the next morning in bed with Harry. (10k, top!niall, bottom!harry, blowjob, rimming, overstimulation, creampie, barebacking)

Jingling Underneath - Diaryofanarcissisticgayman (Harry/Niall)

Harry is in an uncomfortable situation, and the only fix is Niall’s Santa dick. (top!niall, bottom!harry, barebacking, roleplay)

a true thing - from (Harry/Niall)

NYC, December 2014. Nothing lasts, especially not a shared tub of cereal milk ice cream, but they’re Harry and Niall, and they’ll move on with the new. (frottage, angst, friends to lovers)

Different Ideas - catrinahart (Harry/Niall)

Harry and Niall don’t meet under the best of circumstances in their final year in uni, but they find they like each other, a lot. They try being friends with benefits, it works out until it doesn’t. (30k, top!harry, bottom!niall, blowjob, friends with benefits, barebacking, pining, rimming)

Hurts So Good - mullingartwinks (Harry/Niall)

harry sends niall a video during work. (top!niall, bottom!harry, breatplay, slapping, riding, rimming, spanking, daddy!kink, edging)

Let’s Have A Blast (From The Past) - strawnarrie (Harry/Niall)

Niall gets a visit from his past self. Lots and lots of sex follows. (top!harry, bottom!niall, spitroasting, self!cest time travel, rimming, fingering)

the only exception - soft (Harry/Niall)

Harry has made a severe underestimation of Niall, he is being played at his own game, the game he owns, the game he thought he created.

He is Icarus soaring too close to sun, and he has been burnt.

Harry purses his lips and digs a thumb into his collarbone over the same spot Niall had worked at with tongue and teeth and lips just hours earlier.

Harry has been burnt and he decides he quite likes it. (hair pulling, blowjob)

all the colors - butterflytattoohaz (Harry/Niall)

He says, “Let’s get out of this town,” and Harry opens his mouth to speak, to decline the offer, but he finds that he can’t tell someone with sparkling eyes like Niall no.

Or, wherein it’s 1975 and Harry talks out of his ass a bit too much one night, Niall takes his words to heart, and a few weeks later they’re packing up, sneaking out, hitting the highway in the heat and enjoying their last summer of being kids, of having no responsibilities before college starts in the fall all in favor of going out with a bang at a Stones concert in Atlanta, but along the way Harry learns that happiness isn’t measured in time but instead the people you spend that time with, and there’s nobody in the world Harry would rather have at his side than his messy best friend whose eyes shine brighter than all the colors in the world. (222k, top!harry, bottom!niall, switching, voyeurism, masturbation, public!sex, fingerin g)

no exception - soft (Harry/Niall)

He wants to teach Harry a lesson. He wants to give him a taste of his own medicine. He knows he has to wait for the right moment, has to wait for Harry to notice him. It doesn’t work if he throws himself at him. Harry has to believe that it’s his game. He has to believe that he’s the one in control. Even though the chase already started and it’s Niall who leads it. He wonders if Harry will catch up with him. (12k, top!niall, bottom!harry, begging, aftercare, power!play, exhibitionism) 

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there was a narry fic based on "Change Your Ticket" but i can't find it, maybe you know it??

There’s these three on ao3. - Kaylee

let me change your ticket home - takesmeunder (Harry/Niall)

Niall and Harry have been in an online relationship for nearly a year when they decide to have a Skype date for their first Valentine’s Day together. Niall doesn’t show up at their arranged time, and Harry’s devastated. Little does he know Niall’s got something up his sleeve. (frottage)

You Should Probably Stay - malikech (Harry/Niall) 

“Watching you get dressed messes with my head.”

Harry won’t let Niall leave, just yet. (top!harry, bottom!niall, rimming, frottage)

And you say it’s hard to keep a secret - lizzybean (Harry/Niall)

Niall looks back at the field, blue eyes skimming for the body he’d hit earlier. He’s not sure who it was exactly, but judging by height and solidness of the boys racing around the field, he has to wager a guess that it’s the kid with ‘STYLES’ across his shoulders. He looks like a total dork, rocking the 90s footballer bun with a headband. Absolutely ridiculous. (top!niall, bottom!harry, football!au)

got any underage multi pairings?

Innocence Lost -1dfanficrealness (zianourry)

Niall is 12 years old, but his mother insists he still needs a babysitter so she asks the boy from down the street, Liam, to watch him. When Liam invites three friends over whom he knows from Uni, they all get… well acquainted.

Like He Does - bookykat (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

“Yeah, well Pa certainly doesn’t hold back his ‘Fuck yes LiLi’s or his ‘Oh shit right there baby’s does he now?!” (top!liam, top!louis, bottom!zayn, daddy!liam, daddy!louis, underag e!zayn, daddy!kink, voyeurism)

Perfect Little Family - smuttythings (Harry/Louis/Niall)

Louis is the dad. Harry is the son. Niall is Harry’s best friend. Together, they’re a family. (125K, top!louis, bottom!harry, bottom!niall, underage, incest, daddy!kink, chaptered)

Sharing - smuttythings (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

Harry is a good boy who desperately wants to make his daddy happy. He does what he’s asked and isn’t allowed to say no. Even when Louis invites his coworker Zayn over and shares his son for an e vening. (daddy!kink, incest, underage!harry, dubious consent)

Let’s Trade - ThatLarrySmut (Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall)

Louis and Liam both have something in common, they love their 5-year-olds, Niall and Harry a lot, and it’s not in a fatherly way. But they both want to try something different and only they can give each other what their lustful minds want. So they decide to trade for the night. (non!con, top!liam, top!louis, bottom!harry, bottom!niall, underage)

- Kaylee

Do you have any fics where Harry is the very young son of any of the boys (like 6-9 years old)?

do you have any pairing as roommates and one of them likes each other

Not happening - scottmcniceass (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn and Liam are roommates. They hate each other. (Most of the time.) (rough!sex, hate!sex, bottom!zayn, top!liam)

Don’t Go - scottmcniceass (Liam/Zayn)

Liam’s out of the country most of the year because of his job, but he needs someone to take care of his dog. Zayn thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he starts renting the room in Liam’s apartment. He never expected to fall in love with Liam, but it happens anyways. (top!zayn, bottom!liam, blow!job, fingering)

Your Lips On Mine - writingsofamadchild (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn is a camboy, who likes to think about the fit mechanic with a liking for leather jackets and scruffy beards from uni during his shows. And Liam, the mechanic, who realizes his new roommate is Bradford, the man with the smooth skin covered in tattoos that Liam watches late at night with a hand wrapped around himself. (56k, top!liam, bottom!zayn, camboy!zayn, mechanic!liam, university!au, mutual masturbation, blow!jobs, rimming, toys, spanking)

Through the Screen - sunshineflying (Harry/Niall)

In his free time, Niall Horan likes to subscribe to his favourite camboy, Harry Cox. When he moves to uni he’s not sure how he’ll manage to watch the weekly show with a roommate. Things become even more complicated with that roommate is the one and only camboy of his dreams - Harry. (college!au, camboy!harry)

- lolwutsmut (Louis/Niall)

Louis and Niall are roommates at college. Louis claims to be straight, but Niall just might be the exception to that.

Difficult - highqualityziam (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn and Liam are roommates and gym buddies and Zayn is insanely attracted to Liam. (top!liam, bottom!zayn, riding, rimming, blowjob, handjob, fingering, friends to lovers, dirty!talk, masturbation)

- Kaylee

do you guys have any with a sex therapist or they go for help ?

Somewhat, yes! Try these ones - Kaylee

Comfort Zone - Scylla87 (Liam/Zayn)

Finding himself unable to get off, Zayn seeks help from an unlikely source, a sex therapist. (top!liam, bottom!zayn, handjob, voyeurism)

Harry Styles, Sex (Physio)therapist To The Stars - zeldamonkey (Harry/Niall)

Niall’s finally off his crutches. (top!harry, bottom!niall, rimming, first!time)

You’ve Got A Way - akirda (Harry/Niall)

None of Niall’s previous hook-ups wanted to hang out with him afterwards, erasing him from their memory just like he erased them, though unintentionally. He’s always felt used, out of control of his own body. This is new and he doesn’t know how to react. (top!harry, bottom!niall, sex!amnesia)

fic where liam and zayn are new rommates and louis is zayn's bestfriend and liam dates them both thank you!

This one? - Kaylee

Your Hands in Mine - failurebydesign (Liam/Louis/Zayn)

Liam meets Zayn on a dating site – but then he meets Louis and his entire world is turned upside down.

Or Liam learns to live with two very competitive boys who thrive off of his attention. (11K, top!liam, bottom!louis, bottom!zayn, blowjob, frottage, rimming)

I’m just going to leave this here. - Kaylee

You’re Young and You’re Dumb - hayfevered (Harry/Niall)

Niall spends all day and the next morning in bed with Harry. (10k, top!niall, bottom!harry, blowjob, rimming, overstimulation, creampie, barebacking)

? ?